Friday, July 03, 2009

oh yea...

1. i was a brown child, and i now remember why.

2. i forgot how much i hate peeing while wearing a bathing suit.

3. spf on your lips help.

4. butterflies are harmless, spastic, but harmless.

5. let your body lead, and your feet follow

6. follow through is everything

7. board games are supposed to be a good time.

8. singing and giggling simultaneously is most fun.

9. handstands under water are far easier than headstands out of water.

10. joaning never gets old.


14 y/o him: "yea, but she is like in her twenties right?"

moi: "yup."

14 y/o him: "oh okay, so she is married right?"

moi: "nope."

14 y/o him: "oh. that's weird."

moi: "is it? i'm in my twenties and not married."

14 y/o him: "yea...but you're like, busy."

1 comment:

teresa said...

"yea, but you're like busy." LOL! some of the assumptions about married ppl vs single ppl are funny - weird, but funny.

like that pic, by the way. cool way to display the shades - so summery, the epitome of vacation.