Monday, July 30, 2007

today this clicked.

phenomenal writing.

Spelman, thy name we praise
Standards and honor raise
We’ll ever faithful be
Throughout eternity
May peace with thee abide
And God forever guide
Thy heights supreme and true
Blessings to you.

Through years of toil and pain
May thy dear walls remain
Beacons of heavenly light
Undaunted by the fight;
And when life’s race is won
Thy noble work is done
Oh, God forever bind
Our hearts to thine.

two years out, and i will still have fleeting moments that make me miss it all.
i couldn't stop humming this all day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

hmmm... i have chubby hands.

pointing more often may help me slim down.
...or perhaps longer finger extension when giving high fives.

Monday, July 23, 2007


about two weeks ago i wrote out
my short term/long term goals.
my biggest issue is discipline...
and if i don't correct this now,
then my coming days will be much
harder than they have to be.


how do you place constraints
around something that is
boundless and infinite?
someone watched the sky...
created a sundial...and
formulated a way to tell
time. time was captured.

how do i know time got
caught correctly? granted,
even though the horizon
does seemingly stop the sky...
i still know that there
is more sky out there.
i think i know...

years became days, days
became hours. hours became
minutes, and minutes became
seconds. and this is our
calculated understanding
of time.

lately, nothing about my timeline
is chronological anymore.
just a series of moments
(both small and big).
its hard to recall what came
first...i just know that
it happened (i think). as much as
i passively strive for order
(ha)... my ideas and thoughts
are no longer stringed in a
sequence from beginning to end.
i think of a subject and just
picture a montage of imagery.

its not so much that my memory is
fading...just my concept of time.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

totally in sync...

so what does it mean that my friend and i
are walking in nolita...and she spots
andre leon talley at a pizzeria?
outside...on the corner...alone?

we walk by.
i get jittery...
i stop...
i revaluate...
i retrack.

i thank and celebrate him in one breath.
i end the brief meeting
by saying "let me touch you...!"
he laughs, and i shake his hand.

andre leon talley and i touched...and agreed.
perhaps this means that my thoughts on
writing in fashion need to be explored.



less talking. more doing.

Monday, July 09, 2007

do these still exist?

pick up lines are so 80's.

"i have traveled to a lot of countries. i mean i been all over.
and YOU could stop traffic in any of them"

"i'm sayin...ur girls see it...why don't you? i'm feelin u"

"i am starin at these men, stare at you...u got a lot of fans...
can i join the club?"

"aye ma....all these other brothas will let you walk around like this...
but ima be real...u got somethin on ur mouth...its not coming off either...
right on the right side....(i begin to wipe me mouth...)....
OH IT AINT COMIN OFF....its just a lil beauty. that's permanent!"

"u from maryland? i got a wife in maryland...ya know i got TWO wives..."

"aye slim and lightskinned...can we make a date...tonight?"
*outside from the lightskinned...cuz we all know i am pecan tan...i kinda liked that.

"princess....princess...CAN I WALK WITH YOU? please princess?"

"girl you got exotic, L'oreal."

" man over at the juice bar wants u to come over and talk to him"

"shake it. move it. shake shake shake it. move it. aye girl, come over here"

this is the worst of the worst from this weekend alone.
wak one liners...

no worries...mawzie bought me some mace.
ima start shutting men up swiftly.

Monday, July 02, 2007

there are no coincidences...

it is a stupid and unnecessary word.