Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

hands on education

i told her that i would come immediately after work. since i get off at seven...
i figured that given the time on the subway, i could be to her by 7:30.
...i got there at 7:50.
once in the building, i opted the steps over the elevator.
with this being my first time assisting her, i felt wak for being late.
i clearly wasn't thinking because i walked right past her suite...
"hey sylvia...I'M HERE. so sorry i'm late..."
"okay pamela. i am leaving. the showrooms i need to go to will
close at 8...."
-dammit. i messed up her schedule
"so while i'm gone i have a couple of small projects. i need you
to sew...you know how to sew right?"
i make an unconfident face and tilted my hand from side to side...
"oh by no means does it need to be perfect. i need you to sew this
patch in the center of this jacket".

sounds simple.
looks impossible.
the patch is the size of my head, and the jacket is fur.

"okay, i need you to keep coloring in this section of the
patch...sharpies are over there. and finally, i want you to
experiment with dying fur"

its 7:52.

"here are the three colors. red. blue. yellow. here are
spray bottles. and paintbrushes are underneath the
clothing rack over there. ok...go. i will be back by
8:15. sorry to be so rushed, but i gotta go"

...and she went.
i immediately sat down. it was important to me that
i finished the tasks at hand by 8:15 (pretty impossible).
i began to color the patch...and after rotating between the 2 sharpies
for about 10 minutes, soon after they were both out of ink.
8:11. ummm okay. well i'll just sew it onto the jacket,
and finish the coloring once i am done.
it took me about 6 minutes to decide how to sew the patch...
i had to make sure that it was centered, and securely sewn.
8:24. i place the jacket on a hanger, and begin sewing
standing up. constantly adjusting the patch, and making sure
my seamstress skills are neatly executed. (ha)
the top half of the patch is black, and the bottom half is
white. as i am sewing, i realize that the black thread is
visible on the lower half of the patch...hmmm....
...gotta finish by the time she returns...8:45.

she calls to check on me "they know i'm shooting a film,
so they are staying open for me. u okay?"
"okay good...see you in a bit"
it's now my goal to be done by 9.
i get over my small black thread, and quicken my
pace. DONE. i lay down on the floor to revive the
sharpies....they lasted long enough for me to finish
my coloring.
...as she is entering the studio, i am on my knees under
the rolling rack looking for paintbrushes.

"wow...u finished!"
yes, unrealistic, overachieving, pam completed
her projects only an entire 45 minutes after the
intitial personal deadline.
"wow...your work looks good. u said u COULDNT SEW!"
i collapse my shoulders and smirk a bit...

"oh this is good...very...OH, you can see the black thread
at the bottom. that's not good. that's awful. oh, you must
redo this"
"you have to do a blind stitch"
"can i show you?"
-please do.

i learned.
i did it correctly.
and we were gone by 9:30.

i believe that i am growing to be talented.

Monday, March 05, 2007

i'm tired...

but i do have a lot to say.
my days are a whirlwind.
i WILL blog this week.