Friday, June 26, 2009

two old men on the bus

"son...its crazy...everyone is dyin"
"yea. i mean if you think about it, there is only one 'four top' left"
"isaac hayes"
"yea, he gone too"
"son, son, that funeral is gonna be crazy"
"like, how much are seats gonna be to sit at the funeral?"
"son, i know they're already like sold out"
"i mean they HAVE to be...he had fans"
"i know right, london. and france. and paris"
"all over!"
"but you know what"
"farrah aint get no love forreal"
"i mean who would? its mike! its MIKE SON...he like, was cool with the queen"
"true, he sure was cool with the queen"

i walked down from 42nd to 14th listening to my sister speak on the phone
about how michael was a big part of the household before i was born.
today mom said that he was eccentric, but obviously had a core of love.

...i giggled because i just read the other day
"if you have money, we call you eccentric...if you're broke, we call you crazy"

sorry, this hasn't shaped up to be the tribute that i was aiming for.

as a little girl, i adored michael. he was a shimmering light that
never stopped beaming. (literally)

i trust that it still won't stop.

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