Monday, October 29, 2007


cute right?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007



Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


.....great thoughts daft punk.
.............THANK YOU kanye.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i've just gotta put it out there...

1. jewelry is out. my clavicle is my necklace of choice.
2. checking luggage is hella 90's.

...enjoy your day.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

i have a date.

this is going to be our first formal meeting.
usually, we just glimpse one another in passing,
and choose not to stop and speak.
i feel like he will be a worthy conversationalist...
he just seems like he has something to say...
i figure i'll leave enlightened.
so i have decided to arrange a date.
i approached him.
and he conceded.

we are to meet at 11pm, i've invited him for
a cup of tea at my kitchen table. i know, the hour
does seem a bit odd for strange company...
but i do feel a sense of comfort and familiarity
with him. anyway, 11 o'clock is around the time
when i am closest to aligning my many mes...
right on the brink of late night. i want to
speak with him openly and sincerely
mean the words i choose to say. 11 is good.

i'm not going to dress up for this. just gonna keep
on these house clothes with my head scarf. what i
wear won't make the least bit of difference.
this isn't surface talk...i could care less
about where he is from and how he became who
he is (...well, i only care slightly, this is
partially relevant).
this is one conversation that cannot be
rooted in vanity...i pray that i am able to speak
clearly about my feelings. i am certain that he will.
well...i assume that he will.

he strikes me as one that will say what he means
and mean what he says. i can appreciate that.

so now i am waiting anxiously.
sitting on the side of the bed looking at my toes.
the clock reads 10:53

my stomach needs to be fed...
...i'd much rather lie here in bed...
all my nerves "feel" dead...
hella fears i expect to shed...
reopening wounds i've already bled...
okay, now i'm starting to dread...
what lies immediately ahead...

its 10:59...and its about that time...

for a cup of tea

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

i wish

i could skip the emotion of excitement altogether
since i am so intimately familiar with the end of this story.

my faith used to be the size of a mustard seed.
....i believed.

agnostic thought now makes sense to me.
life experience is my new doctrine.
something is out there...
perhaps a lot of stuff is...
just nothing to get excited about.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

so i've decided!

there are people that adapt to their environment...
and then there are people that create their environment.

it seems most wise for one to successfully
balance the two.

but i'm really only interested in the latter.

bienvenido a mi mundo.

(if you only speak one language...and you're content with that...get out.)

Monday, October 01, 2007


....i just wish to lead a normal life.

...better yet...just close your eyes.
i did a long time ago.