Monday, September 29, 2008

the routine

it happens about once a month where every single person i know gets on my nerves.
...and its not the same time of the month as my period.

poor me (and perhaps you)

fall is aqui. so as always, i become more reflective and productive.
its the time of the year to put on some clothes, and to say your
bedtime prayers every single night. you must crane your neck to
look at the sky more often, and make it a point to call
your brother weekly. you remember to honor both time
and obligations. finally, you drink and dance a lot less.


tv on the radio (stork and owl, and family tree)
raphael saadiq

chasing cool (by noah kerner and gene pressman)

apples to apples


***father bought me a tape recorder (cassette tapes only) soooo i'm pretty much documenting it all these days.


reggie said...
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reggie said...

i don't know if that link will show up right. but it should be the "mind your business! the game has now changed!" entry on

and that's all i have to say for now.

fruitfly4 said...

1 - i really like the visual asides to your audio post.

2 - i think there is much benefit in falling back from the constant cyber social interaction.

3 - i partly fault facebook (and myspace and whomever else) for taking away our clear breaking points. what happened to reason/season/lifetime? every person we meet is not meant to stay in our lives. and these networking spaces makes it much more difficult to close chapters. a la "i can't miss you if you never go away." perhaps this isn't what you meant at all, but these are the thoughts your post stirred within me.

4 - congratulations on the donna karen gig!

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