Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i woke up early this morning.
i had a meeting with the director of
visual merchandising for donna karen.
*drumroll*...i am now a freelance
merchandiser for their flagship store.

i made it to work on time after my meeting.
i love that i can make things move +
happen in the boutique. my presence
makes a difference. its nice to know
that. the new goal is trying to figure out
how to elevate my role within the
m+fg company. i decided today...
i am thankful for my job.

after work i had a creative meeting
for an editorial project that i am working on.
its a competition surrounding the theme
of luxury. i love being around people
that speak smart when it comes to
aligning their hearts + eyes.
i'm excited.

i have fairly attractive hands.
minus a couple of small scars,
and my bitten cuticles (eww, i know)
they are close to flawless.

i think.

they look their very best when
they are not touching one another.
its the worst feeling when i look
down, and their sitting on top
of one another. i feel sick.
...and i don't really like myself in
that moment.

happy hands create a happy pam.
busy hands inspire a thoughtful pam


its sewing time!

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