Friday, February 10, 2006

day 5......AhhhhHAAAhhhaaa. i really just had this revelation JUST NOW. i am trippin..i wrote down that date..and counted 40 days. YERP, i got carried

lent doesn't start till march 6th.
made that up alllll by my lonesome. an entire month early.
typical pam.

when i walked in the lounge, he was by my side in a matter of seconds.
he literally stood and stared.
partially discomforting, partially a turn on.
"pam you look gorgeous...i'm moved...."
he offered me drinks.
entertained Day.
and sat down for conversation.

prior to entering the space i said "day, i have had a serious energy shift. i don't even wanna go
in here any longer, i wanna go home". after coaxing and logic (we had just driven about 40 minutes to reach our final destination), she told me that were going out and we were going to have a good time. she's good at pep talks.

i wasn't completely feeling him or his self centered conversation.
i grew tired.
he bopped around from table to table, and kept checking on me periodically.
"i can't stop looking at you"
-well, stop.
"i like you so much pam. forreal"
-do u? forreal?
"please come home with me tonight"

he walked away irritated only to return with a bright eyed.bubbly young lady
"Ohhhhhh, you're the girl from last night. artmix. i saw your hair"
tiffany. we talked. talked. talked. it was cool. nothing too forced. just nice
conversation. she kept bringing him up. saying just enough to let it be known
that they have some type of relationship...she's just not saying enough for me
to decipher what kind. it doesn't matter either way. i just listen.

walking past me one last time, wearing his jacket and scarf, he grabbed me out of my chair
(sigh) "let's go"
-c'mon...we've been thru this
"pam. please. just come with me. we don't have to do anything, i just want to be around you
-stop talking. i liked u. i swear i did. maybe not all of u per se....but i liked enough. i thought.

he left.
i wasn't relieved, pretty indifferent.
i stayed in the same chair for the entire night. i sat alone for the bulk of the night.
i enjoyed my peace in the chair...moreso after he left. perhaps i was a bit relieved.

Ohhhhhh yea. about 5 minutes after he left, bright-eyed.bubbly tiff left too.
"you were great...can't wait till we sit down and talk again"
-the pleasure was all mine ms. tiffany.

day returns. we laugh. we mingle. we enjoy one another.
after about 10 minutes my phone rang...
after picking up the phone i hear him already in conversation, and i hear
her dying laughing in the background ...
"hey, where u at?"
-_________......same place i was when u last saw me...10 minutes ago
"oh you're still up there? whats the next move?"
-day was in the middle of planning where our early morning meal would take place
"cool. your new best friend, tiffany, and i are gonna come pick u guys up right now. and we can all eat"

i hung up confused.
why are u coming?
new best friend?
i don't get it...

yea, so 10 minutes later tiffany busted through the doors to inform us that our ride was sitting on the curb. we hopped in the car. 5 minutes later i was at landmark eating with him, day, tiffany, (that suits her better...awww i sound like i'm hating), slick&rose, and another young lady. dude is STARING AT ME...and acting on tiffany. hmmmm...ok.
as i was engaging in multiple conversations i was this my punishment for not coming home with u?

wow. boo. that sucks.
last night was good though. dunno how soon i would have seen that other side.
i dunno, i think i'm just trippen over the fact that he is oldest man i've ever kicked
it with...and he can't SEE the maturity of men in my past. that was some straight
3rd grade....poor sharing of emotions....foolishness.

i guess this is the cool thing about this new found phenomenon called dating....NEXT.

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