Thursday, February 09, 2006

day 4....i feel good...

well do i really? yea, i think i feel pretty good.

i went to an artmix last night. i went with a young lady...and met up with some guys.
i sat alone...and had an absolute blast. the two guys were engaged in a conversation
with her about why they don't date models. (huh?) i sat off to myself...and zoned out.
it was awesome. i felt really lifted during that time. christian sohl was the dj, sigh...
it just felt great. i felt beautiful. i felt warm and tingly. i felt inviting. i felt content.
it was really really nice. i am not sure that i've experienced that in such a setting
i styled one of the winners that made the band (haha), juanita. i was honored
when i got the phone call to work with this photographer that has really
made his name down here for music industry photographer.
"okay pam...i hear you're dope, BRING IT! let's see what u can do
this saturday". oh geez...i was all nervous. he had such a strong NY
accent..and sounded so intimidating. (later i found out her was from
new orleans....hmmm)
"yea...i look forward to it"

i was told that the theme was scarface. michelle pfeifer by the pool
scene. (well, ummmm, i have always been overly concious of
graphic images that i take in....and ...well i've never seen scarface).
i immediately googled the image. nothing.
i searched the internet to find this look. nada.
so then i decided that i needed to get the actual movie.
the bathing suit was being custom made by a designer.
the more involved i am getting in this shoot, the more i am realizing
how established this team is that i am working with.
...ok pam, calm down...just do what u do. no worries...
i go shopping with the designer for fabric. WE CLICK.
dude is maddddddd cool. 27 years old, doing his thing.
he was a strong clientele, and does a lot ofwork for our
(atl) artists. ciara, luda, outkast....

he says that he wants to help me along my way.
"you're serious, and i can tell....lets shoot!"
i show him my work...and he stops me
"i LOVE your work...oh yea, let's really do some stuff"
i like people that get excited with

i go to work.
i get all these platform heels.
wedges. boots. 70's style shades.
floppyhats. woven bags. huge
beaded necklaces. everything
i possibly could have pulled that
represented the 70's. (all browns/

as things unravel....i see how horribly this shoot is
organized. its not organized. MAN....I DON'T

long story short...
1. juanita d. woods is a genuine spirit with a pure heart...
i hope bad boy doesn't corrupt her.
2. for one look, the shoot took 7 hours (oh nah)
3. location was supposed to be on a rust vintage couch...she ended up in the middle of a sprayed down auburn ave (wak wet looK). the street was blocked man....WHAT? complete lost of theme
4. the photographer was a BIOOOTTTTCCCHHH! boo. i don't care who u are. never again.
i'm confused sir...r u tryna holla or completely take my job as a stylist? boo again.
5. 40 degrees
6. that was no styling done by me. i was a puppet. i lost the fight.
7. in conclusion, my hands dressed her, and sis looked like a video hoe.
8. bathing street....
9. i couldn't sleep....and i got up the next morning feeling weak.

that joint was the TOP NOTCH WORST!
i had to call juanita the next day and tell her how that was NOT me or my work.
we talked. we talked. we talked.
mannnnn....i don't even have nothing else to say about that.
no i do...
never again.

styled for universoul circus. ringmaster and sidekick.
i shopped with the circus. what an experience.
my favorite person in the bunch...SHOUT OUT TO ZEKE.
mr. jb graham....please know that you are forever loved by me.
thank you.
i don't feel like i brought it the way i should have. it was
more designing...i realized how much i have to learn.

i'm taking sewing classes once a week.
my auntie is a seamstress...and she is ready to start sewing again.
what to say?
he's old.
he's spoiled.
not cool.


fruitfly4 said...

so maybe i'm a hoodrat at heart, but i really like scarface. i knew immediately what scene you were talking about! isn't that sad?

lovin' ya' from way out here...

takkara said...

how did the girl feel about how the photo shoot went down? that's kinda deep.