Monday, November 28, 2005

let me think...

i've started, erased, and restarted this blog a couple of times....
not getting too far at all...
my mind has an overload of thoughts....

i miss being robin's wife (she really is married now)
i am not that excited about my shoot this weekend
i need my money for this barbershop project
something in me wants to cry right now...
cry hard.
he said i am great at what i do....
i am a stylist.
i gotta read the bible
that ed hurley was legit!
RENT....hmmmm, but i LOVE musicals...i dunno, that one was a bit rough 4 me
remember community
some days i miss my long permed hair
ready for change....i think.
moya is beautiful.
i think (pretty sure) i have my first magazine shoot.
sister circles are beautiful.
i love women. are cool too....
i'm not sad that its over, i smile because it happened.

correction....i want to cry hard AND scream.
i love my heart!


pics from my product.retail shoot.
i see that its hard for me to completely
let go of a model. i can't solely work with product.
much of my connection is to the body....

photographer: davonne
models: lovely pakistanian women
stylist: pamela a. shepard


fruitfly4 said...

oh pamela! your blog is a feast of words and images. each time i read, i am full. thank you ever so much. amen.

Omni Loving said...

Love the photos. Luck at you doing stuff and stuff. LOL

They won't let me add the HTML text in here so you can get the music link. So check my blog and I will post it there.