Wednesday, November 30, 2005

work without a job....nah i do have a job. sigh....

yesterday was my first day without a job.
remember? i quit.
and yesterday was STILL A PRODUCTIVE DAY!

sienna and i met up to talk about the photo shoot she
wants to take place. we went by a really nice boutique
on peachtree. miz scarletts. yo, DON'T EVER support
miz scarletts. the energy that the woman gave off
was staight up disastarous. ugly man. i'm trying to
inquire about the store (really trying to gaze the like-
lihood of me pulling clothes from the store). that woman
was evil dude. she was really talking to me like i
dirt. so i just continued to make my way around the
store...she kept trying to ask stuff....i guess i answered...
i dunno. she was the worst. we then went next door to
joe muggs to look through magazines. after that
we went to different boutiques and stores to look
at clothes. sienna has a particular dress in mind, and
i am trying to find it. i took her to a black owned shop
that was comparable to miz scarletts.

i wonder if i would like it if i were white....


i got a phone call from WB....yup, warner brothers....
i met with them at 4pm. they are looking for a new
stylist assistant. the show is called ATL insider...
i sat there and met with mad people. showed the
woman interviewing me my work. told her my goals.
blah blah blah....long story short, i am the stylist
assistant for a show sponsered by WB called
ATL insider. (i wrote that really nonchalant, but i
am geeked). my name will be in credits! first show is
dec. 14. soooooooo.....i have to put the host in something
holiday-esque. ironically enough, while i was sitting there
AMBROSI (image consulting company...needed retail
shots) called me. it was insane.
"hello, ms. shepard? this is ambrosi. my name is _______
and i am calling from the chicago office"
....awwww shitttttt......
"i got your portfolio, and i just wanted to know where you
"you are too fashion forward. we do more set design,
and even your product styling was highly fashion based"

"wait, i know i can do set design. those were just a couple shots.
if u give me a week, then i know that i can have many more
shoots that are solely set design. i know i can get it done!"

sidebar....why the hell did i say that when that product shoot alone
was ridiculously hard for me? was i really mad at her critique?
well in the moment, i was.

"well ms. shepard we are looking for portfolios of people that
do this for a living. i mean people that have a portfolio
filled with retail.product shots"

"well i just know that this is what i want to do. and i know that
you guys do some type of styling with fashion"

-clearly this woman is beyond ready to get off the phone
"ms. shepard, home depot is our biggest account down there"


"how about i do this, i will keep you on file for fashion jobs"
...."yeah thats cool".

my heart was broken. i was really sad. now mind you, this entire
conversation took place at WB. i sat in the studio and continue to
watch the show...i was sad, but i did feel a little better when
i received a phone call from the WB folks later on that night.

"hey pam, you're a stylist...and probably a super shopper....
u think ur a tv person?"

"yes...well, i think i can be. why?"

"well we were thinking we could interview you on the next
show in regards to holiday shopping...and how we can get
a bargain for our bucks".

"oh yea...i would love to do that. i'll be doing research
in the meantime."

"okay, we'll call you soon with the specifics"

i need a job.
LOL....i do.
life is good.
random as hell, but good nonetheless.


Alii said...

blood- you are f'real doing things. Working on a real life tv show with your name in credits? You know youre gonna have to tell us when you'll be on air for this bargain shopping bit...

fruitfly4 said...

hell (emphatically) yes! i second alii on this bit. you doin' it to def pam! (pardon me - ms. shepard ;+). credits are BIG homie, and i applaud you. if i may, as far as set design goes, have you poked around the AUC book stores (might be worth a shot)?

hugging back,

ps- thank you for my message. it wasn't too much. i meant every word i said. it's amazing that we insire each other. that's beautiful to me.

takkara said...

oh my goodness, Pam, the WB? I'm doing cartwheels for you...

MB said...

so we seriously have to have a viewing at my apartment, you know i be killing it with the evites! let me know sis!