Tuesday, November 22, 2005

everything comes full circle....everything

definitely just had a meeting with one of the partners from that awful fashion show.
she's not javaology partner.
and she's not mississippi.
she's the oblivious one.

yea...we met.
update u ask?
javaology and mississippi have joined forced to build an empire. (evil empire?)
oblivious is a one woman show.
she said it was a tough experience and she has learned her lessons
she says she wants to do work...she respects what i do and is ready for what i have to offer...
i told her my day rate...and what my role as STYLIST entails...

*i have a shoot dec 5.

cold busted show was fabulous. jabari g. is a walking example for me right now.
and i appreciate that. left ACEmedia today.
too much shade, not enough profit....that balance sucks.

still doing what i do....
model: enin
photographer: future
stylist: moi

yo....this concept was the best....now note, i am a prop in this set i am the "make up artist" but know that i did style this shoot....

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takkara said...

aww, pam is a stylist! and a damn good one too. i am so proud, i will be bragging...