Wednesday, September 21, 2005

colorful naked ice cream!

lets start this off with a about 2 weeks...all baskin robbins in the atlanta metropolitan area (ITP...inside the perimeter).....will post a sign saying "DO NOT SERVE THIS WOMAN!" with my picture beside the text. and its crazy...cuz i am not EVEN acting up. i figure that it may be in these folks culture to get so aggressive with customers...i dunno.

so yea....on my birthday i got yelled at for requesting two flavors in one scoop.

a week prior to that i got replied to recklessly when i commented on how the baskin robbins was short of 31 flavors, and asked if i could get a discount on my purchase since i was not satisfied with the flavor that i was forced to order....(right like someone had a gun to my head)

YESTERDAY...we voluntarily walked into hell yet again. only because its 1.00 scoop tuesdays. am i ignorant for asking if two scoops are two dollars? i mean thats nothing short of logical in my mind. "NOOOOOOO...2 scoops is the regular price. you can only get one scoop for one dollar!" i have been yelled at 3 times in the past two weeks. only 3 times though. no one else has raised their voice at me.

"okay well i will walk out...sit in my this scoop....and return once i have finished and am ready for my second DOLLAR scoop." ....nia harris.

lesson to learn? either stop eating so much damn ice cream. OR holla at jakes...cold stone....smoothie king....bruesters....i need to find a black owned ice cream shop....where is the water ice youngin from clark?.....well, somethings gotta change.

who's with me? the revolution against lame ass baskin robbins begins today! spread the word.

okay....let me tap into non spiteful pam....tapping....tapping....well....she'll surface eventually.....

i JUST got an email about styling for a nude shoot. now i think that i am imaginative...exploratory...and down right creative when it comes to styling and this has NEVER crossed my mind. this shows me how high i place clothes. this is so exciting for me. extremely challenging. this will completely turn my thinking pattern upside down. i mean, hmmmm....hmmmmm! i think body art is going to be involved. i dunno why i just said that. nothing in the email said anything about body art. which do i value more? the woman's body or color? i have a strong attraction to both. and to eliminate one completely.....

wow. i have to think differently and i am excited.


quote of the day...

i come to art to be seduced, i come with a desire to be moved. so go ahead move me, please go ahead and try to seduce me.

~hollywood africans....

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