Monday, September 19, 2005

the 22 year old pam

praise God for another year.
oddly enough i feel like a great deal of my growth in the past year occured when is 21 and 363 days old. funny right.

i woke up to a text message from brazil. "good morning pam, go to church because you can. have a good day"

i rose out of the bed and it was almost as though people then got a memo that i was awake because my phone began to ring like crazy. i decided to let some calls go to voicemail and to actually answer others.

"good morrrrrrrningggggg"
chuckle..."hey pam. how are today?"
"i'm goooooooodddd, how are youuuuuuuuuu?"
"i'm good. ur in a good mood today"
"why yes i am."
"ummmm, chico?"
"uh uh, say it"
pause " say what?"
" oh HELL NO....SAY IT"
"pam what is the matter with you? say what?"
"chico today is my birthday, i have someone on the other line i have to go"
"dfajkfjakjfdkajkfdjlkjadkljaf blah blah blah blah blah blah it IS your birthday blah blah blah fksajfkdajjlajdfkjfkldjalkdjfl Happy Birthday blah blah blah"
"bye chico"

i clicked over and continued to speak with chantae. smile...he is an ex. purposefully.

anyway i got myself together...decided that i wanted to feel cool at church. i wore a white tee, my huge jeans ripped in the knee, a small green and yellow hoodie, and pink slippers. yeah i felt cool. lol...i am so lame because i am so serious.

so God granted me with two personal gifts. one being the photo shoot that i ROCKED the day before. first real paid styling job. well second, but this one was big. booyaw grandma. second gift, the message at church.

man matthew 6:25-34 read it kids. read it and be comforted. i felt like the only person in the congregation. the words were pertaining to me so personally and relating to thoughts that i had been meditating on the past couple was awesome!

went in the parking lot only to see a number of balloons and candy strewn on my car. oh pink jacket lipstick wearers...u girls rock.

proceeded to go to the atlanta art expo by myself. white people kill me. i was one of the youngest and among the few brown people there. "oh my heavens i LOVE your hair, its just". shut ur face.

left there and headed back to my car. this guy approaches me....attractive, cute lil style..."sis, i just had to approach you....your hair" STOP. ok sir u shut ur face too.

met with nia at milan's. we went to borders. she did homework. i read more of the alchemist aka my personal diary and went through all the fashion mags. more ideas for MY SHOOT ON SATURDAY. smile. left borders...
"i knew i recognized that hair"
and it was cameron, the one white boy i went on a date with. sigh. yea.

i then got yelled at at baskin robbins for asking to split two flavors in one scoop. i was tickled and offended all at the same time, left promptly.

milan nia eb and i went to piedmont to skateboard. fun fun fun. we skateboarded and took pictures. we even met torie. he tried to teach my tricks. torie and tierra, some of the cutest kids ever. they were so friendly and kind.

"do you have dreads or is your hair just loose?"

we walked from piedmont to that thai place across from apre diem. nice.
this was by far the most low key birthday i have ever had in this the last 4 years. i LOVED it. i had no expectations and everything was so simple. just enjoying the people i love.

i ended my day with a text message from brazil...happy birthday pam, i love you.

thank you God for clarity and confirmation. thanks for my gifts also....all of them.


takkara said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PAM!!! Welcome to the 22 year-old virgo club... oh, and sidenote, for some reason I always wind up reading your blog in public, and the people around me think i'm crazy because i keep laughing to myself... keep em coming.

fruitfly4 said...

glad you enjoyed your birthday, homie! and shout out on the big gig. that is splendiferous! i may be contacting you for your expertise on my own 'project';+) as it unfolds.

mad love,