Friday, September 23, 2005

asha bandele checked me....and i'm

.....getta load of this.....


Thank you for all your kind words, and yes, that does sound like my wild
beautiful Aries girl. She must have seen something in you. About Essence,
I left the magazine about a year and a half ago to pursue a fellowship at
Columbia. Since then there have been great changes in leadership, not the least of
which is the magazine's sale to Time, Inc. They also have a new editor in chief.
It's a hard moment to try to read where things are going and the best way to
introduce yourself. On the one hand i would imagine that a new editor in
chief will make tremendous changes to the staff and likely bring in people she
knows who can shore her up in what I would imagine is a challenging time
for her. On the other hand, because there will likely be changes, maybe they are
looking for fresh, new talent. My best advice would be to reach out
to--and stay connected to--the human resource department at Essence, which is headed by a lovely woman named Judy Jackson. Please let her know I referred you. Ms. Jackson and I sort of passed each other--she arriving and me leaving in the same month or so. But all my interactions with her were warm, smart and
satisfying. One last thing I would add Pam--and I say this certainly not knowing your
talent. Before reaching out to Essence, which remains the premier
lifestyle magazine for Black women, make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Make sure when you show up, you show up ready. I didn't go to Essence until I had
been publishing with magazines for 10 years, had a master's degree and written 2
books. Even still, there was a great learning curve. I don't say this to
discourage you from applying, but to make sure when you step up, you know
you're stepping up with some tremendous talent--and competition. I hope that
makes sense and doesn't come across as harsh. I don't mean it to. I just always
want to remind the beautiful and talented young folks who are poised to take
over industries across this country, that it means something to pay your dues;
it means something to wait for your moment, to earn it; and that it means
something to be prepared. That, at least, was my experience and the road I took.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Be well,

asha bandele


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Alii said...

lol- do the naked thing- ive doe it b4, its loads of fun.

continue to go and demand multiple scoops of 1 dollar ice cream- you cant get much cheaper than that.

happy birthday- what does that make you? libra?


wild cowgirl said...

virgosssssss make theeeeee world go round!

fruitfly4 said...

but geminis play jacks with the stars =+)...funny baskin robins anecdote, by the by...when good ice cream goes bad.


Phoenix said...

asha bandele is fabulous. absence in the palms of my hands rocked my world. our only conversation consisted of me telling her that $2k/month for day care was crazy. literally. that was the word i used. and she ain't my folks. i wonder if she'll ever be considering i insulted her spending habits in our first conversation.

nonetheless, blessings galore with your writing career. i'm sure it's going to be fantabulous. a friend of mine used to be lifestyle editor for essence and is still in kahoots with all the ladies there. she says the same thing. times a changin' i guess. keep up the good work. i'm lookin' forward to reading your work soon.


being uppity negro said...

Am I not your muse?

What about this BBC thing?

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