Thursday, September 29, 2005

kindred spirits....

dream 1.
as she laid on the couch she began to fantacize....his huge black truck....long locks...and she was the perfect trophy wife.
"God please remove these thoughts from me..."
following her please, she turned over she fell asleep immediately.

she saw herself on a stage accepting an award. everyone cheered and clapped to congratulate her accomplishments. she stood there in her fine gown mentally preparing to give her acceptance speech. as a black community leader that always nurtured and worked with the youth, she wanted her words to be perfect. at the end she said "and i'd like to thank God". she said it simply because its the thing to say...u know, rapper, football player, actress, is always protocal to first thank God. she turned off t
he platform and headed backstage....

she was smiling in her sleep...took a deep breath...and knew that she could die in that moment a fulfilled woman....

the moment she reached backstage she began to float. she was amongst angels. they all floated outside of the venue and flew directly to a train. this was the train to heaven. everyone was extremely warm and welcoming. there were many humans and angels. she watched as the angels went from one person to the next and congratulated them on their meaningful lives and complimented them on how well they lived for God. she watched the exchange of many hugs and kisses. as the angels approached her

-she took a deep breath-

they immediately pushed her off the train and told her that she never relayed the message of God's love.

she woke up. her eyes opened and she became worried....and instantly she fell right back into the dream

as she floated away she was surrounded by different people. she was comforted in knowing that she wasn't the only one kicked off the train. she even became prideful and excited about the idea of meeting knew people. seconds later she felt the presence of evil. she was surrounded by demons...

she woke up. she was stuck and unable to move. pinned to the couch. with her eyes wide open the ceiling began to turn into darkness. she could no longer pinpoint her surroundings in her aunts house because everything became dark.

"jesus. jesus. jesus. jesus. jesus"

she arose and sat there puzzled as to what was the dream and what was reality.

dream 2
i don't dream. well i probably do, but it takes a lot for me to actually rememeber what happened in my dream. as the day progresses i can see or hear things that will trigger my memory...and i will say ...."that was in my dream". everything is always fragmented. i can count the number of dreams i have remembered in my lifetime.

all i remember is that kanye and diddy threw me a surprise party.
(no segue)
it was an outer body experience because i watched the blood spread on my wife beater. i was shot. my perspective switched because i saw that i was shot in the back also. i then watched my body fall backwards.

i woke up staring at the ceiling fan. the atmosphere was not right. i didn't want to move too much. the vibe in the bedroom was eerie. i looked around....prepared to see someone or something. i am good for seeing images that aren't there...and i know that they aren't there...but they are so real and vivid to me and my eyes. i looked out the window prepared to see anything walk by. it was wrong in there. i just prayed that God would allow me to escape and return back to sleep. the weird thing was that i wasn't trippin. i watch NO violence. i am so sensitive to the imagery that i take in. so the two dreams i have ever had with other people getting shot have really effected me. and last nite, i watched myself die(?)....nah i dunno that i died but i watched myself get shot and i wasn't trippin. i was cool. i woke up with a peace. but the air around me was wrong.

we both dreamed of our deaths.
and i don't dream....


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