Wednesday, September 14, 2005

to the stranger i knew...

my heart is heavy. my heart is heavy for someone that i did not know. i only saw her in passing when i was cosby groupie, and lingered on that side of campus. i knew her name before i knew her face. i liked her name. her name sounded smart to me. and then finally some point in time came where i was able to put two in two together.

ohhhhhhhh thats her? i've BEEN seen her...

i used to watch and observe her whenever we crossed paths. she was so tall and slim. i wondered if i carried myself like her. we had similiar builds, and i admired the way walked. head held high, natural poise, and a sensuality that was embedded in her hips. i liked that, and i wanted to be like her.

perhaps she noticded me watching her, because she always made it a point to acknowledge my presence. it was cool feeling like i knew her, even though i really only knew her name and her awesome stride.

nothing is promised. NOTHING IS PROMISED. fear nothing. love everyday. sacrifice everyday. dance everyday. laugh everday. speak in truth everyday. work with purpose everyday. touch everday. remember everyday. cherish everyday.

my heart and my prayers go out to her family, friends, and spelman college.
r.i.p. nikia bazemore


takkara said...

thank you pam. i couldn't have said it better

kevinkline3315 said...
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