Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"why are you skateboarding at 21 pam? when i think of skateboarding i think of juvenile boys. AND your health insurance is up in 2 months!"

it wasn't as unocomfortably hot as it has been the past 2 days. it was fairly moderate. we left the house to walk up to the parking lot in turner field. she looked at me and laughed as we both had our skateboards tucked underneath our arms.

"okay if we were real skateboarders, we definitely would be skating to the parking lot"
i chuckled..."nah, i think skateboarding uphill is stupid...well maybe just too much work"

by the time we reached our destination i realized how ridiculous i looked. i still had on my work clothes, with my many necklaces and gaudy earrings...i had just thrown on some dunks to replace my slippers.

i took the time to show her how to balance herself on the board, how to push off, how to adjust her feet once she actually got on the board, and how to lean her body with her weight on her back leg to steer the board. many lessons for one day.

she was a great student. we made a great deal of progress in those three hours.

i took the board up the hill. i pushed off, hopped on, turned my body...and somehow i flew off completely. my entire body flipped up, my feet became level with my head...and then gravity began to do its job. my tailbone was the first part of me to greet the concrete. my upper body continued to fling back and my head bounced off the ground like ball. by the time i popped back up i had shooting pains all over me. i sat there stunned...still trying to figure out how exactly i fell off the board. i felt my ass aching, but that soon was replaced by the pain on the right side of my head.

she looked at me...and in mid-giggle ran over to ask if i was okay. still sitting there i was still in disbelief and just said "ummm, yeah".

okay, so i've fallen before, but this was serious. i was hurt forreal.

after a couple of minutes i walked back to the house to clean my scrapes in the small of my back with alcohol. SHIT...i actually screamed aloud. i immediately remembered why we always used peroxide...pain free.

i walked back to the parking lot, and the pain in my head was replaced by the pain from the alocohol on my lower back. that subsided.

i did some more teaching and a lot more skateboarding. at first i was hesistant and just doing really simple skating just to make sure that i wouldn't die. a couple minutes later i was comfortable again...exploring what more i could learn.

to conclude our session, 5 boys from around the way came to watch us. i am not one for audiences...well i am...but only at stuff that i am absolutely without a doubt good at. this isn't one of those things. i welcomed the boys to skateboard with us...these kids had never been on a skateboard before and were doing more tricks that i can learn in a week. it was great. after the older boys requested that i shake my laffy taffy and asked for hugs, i decided that it was time to wrap that up.

jermaine was my favorite. he was smart and humble. and the best skater. good luck in life jermaine!

last night we partied, only to return to turner field around 1 am to explore some more.

one day later....
i am in pain....BUT what matters is that.......

my bruise looks kinda sexy right above my buttcrack. has more meaning than a cheesy butterfly....heh heh....


blaackwomyn said...

yo...i broke my elbow last year skating and walked around for like a week straight chillin...

i was skating on parsons in the west end...down that hill at the bottom of the street...did a cartwheel off the board...landed on my elbow and gouged my left hand...left and got something to eat..bloody hand and all, and ignored ny elbow...

a week later after noticing my elbow was extremely hot all the time..i drug myself to the hospital and was told i had a fever in my arm and that i was crazy for not coming in earlier...i had 3 hairline fractures in my shit...

so if something on you still hurts for a while..go get it checked out cause it might need to be still for a minute...otherwise keep on it...maybe ill see you skating somewhere soon..later;)

wild cowgirl said...

sound advice...thanks. my body is healing, my aches and pains have really faded over the past couple of days.

its crazy, cuz its like i HAVE to skate after midnight...my blind ass probably needs some type of light to see where the hell i'm going!