Thursday, August 25, 2005

just do your part pamela!

yesterday was a good day. got a new shoot....sept 10....gotta new party to attend....sept 10....gotta new show to organize sept 27. YES! its just a matter of me seeking it all...God has already placed it at my fingertips. its sickening how much i'm not reaching.

so a while back grace was apprenticing with this photographer named raquel. i was on one shoot, kinda helping and slightly styling. nothing major. lets see....raquel was cool in a i' m a freshman and you're a junior in high school kinda way. she's very high school to me. her work is decent. she is a photographer that can get the job done, but i don't think she has a creative mind. when i looked at her portfolio, i just thought she took pretty pictures. or maybe she had pretty models. i dunno, the attraction of the pictures was somewhere between her skill and her objects.

she does wayyyy too much in photoshop. i hate that...makes stuff look cheesy.

at any rate, i got an email that she is looking for a stylist for an upcoming shoot. i called her immediately and told her that i would love to work with her. she remembered me, and said that since i am new i can do test shoots with her. cool. so on saturday i have to meet with the model...tatiana...16.....36b....25.....37. 5'11. we share similiar i already have a pretty good feel for her body.

"tatiana says that she wants to look like a victoria secret model"...says taitana's mom.

i have a couple stores allowing me to pull from them. monica at bad rags and shoe freak. ima holla at fusion, cherry bomb, and bombay gal.

4 looks.....2 high fashion....2 commercial. cool.

monica says "sure pam, u can always pull from my store...matter of fact i'm having a trunk show on the 27th of september...maybe you can help me with that"

when i entered the store monica was speaking with another woman. ...who also happened to be a stylist..."look man, its a cut throat industry. you're attractive, folks are gonna hate, so really gravitate towards and embrace those that really want to help you".

secretly...i think i might marry a black woman....

ran around the corner to holla at my boys from laced up. "PAM, u gotta come thru our party on the 10th. its gonna be on the rooftop again, make sure u come thru".....ummmm yessir.

so, i got another shoot....i got stores....i got social engagements....i got WORK to is good man.

oh phone is cut off.
aHa. and life is still good.

went skateboarding last night...we went to those same tennis courts. most of our time was spent throwing tennis balls at one another....

ninth wonder tonight. party hard...and smoke the hookah!

........saw ms. moya the other night....that made me happy....and ali too, man i am really a graduate....jesus.


fruitfly4 said...

dammit, man! u are really one of my role models of life right now. i don't particularly like the word 'fabulous' but geez, pam, what the hell else am i suppose to use? yes, it is true that the universe totally works with us when we have the gall to ante-up. so do the damn thing, homie! fashion and photography and styling - oh my! razzle dazzle 'em, girl.


wild cowgirl said...

just tryna be like you sis!

Alii said...

pretty lady gon do that thang, pretty lady go'on do that thang.

It was so great to see you- i still remeber the first day oii met you, market friday in january. I always remebered you. you leave quite an impression.

As for the phone not being on- its cool- mines prolly getting shut off tonight or tomorrow.