Monday, August 29, 2005

weekend update

i feel kinda weird today.
i am very awake
i am extremely anxious
i am moving pretty slow
damn....its taking me forever to articulate how i feel....

anyway....this weekend was uneventful socially and ultra productive businessly. you know, in a business sense, it was productive.

(warning now...this blog is about to be a tough read)

on friday i went to work. don't remember what came next.....came back to milan's around 11. everyone was sitting around drinking greygoose smoothies...and talking. i wanted to go out, everyone agreed but no one moved. ummmm....yeah, didn't go out friday night. went to bed pretty early actually, 12ish, 1ish.

got up at 9:45 to get ready for my meeting with the model...tatiana terry. i like her name. i don't like her. i got to my 11 oclock meeting at 11:15....damn that mapquest. i felt awful...i despise being late. she's tall, thin, big butt, all proportionate, small breasts, longgggggggggg hair, she aighttttttt. nah, she's cute. just a damn princess.

"well tatiana to show your versatility we'll do 4 looks, 2 commercial, 2 high fashion"

sqeaky, whiny voice...."ummmm, how about 4 high fashion?"
did u hear me dummy? damn. i just looked at her. luckily her mother interjected "no tatiana, u need to show that you're versatile"

i asked her to show me her personal style and what types of clothes she likes. this kid is so new york its crazy. buku chains, the gaudy HUGE belly ring, a belly chain, chains around her neck, bangles on her arms, the baby hoops. ugh. all of her clothes are baby phat, she wears nuthin but sneakers and hoeish stilettos (u know, the ones from rainbow)....i was like
"okay....i think i have a feel for what you like. ummmm, i will work hard to incorporate your style in the shoot" now why the hell did u say that pam? now u gotta actually try.

...rolling my eyes....
AND....well u know my phone is cut off. so i couldn't call before coming. this broad (tatiana terry) repeated 3 times...."we thought u might be lost....pause....we tried to call you". by the third time i was like "yeah, my phone is off". no explanation, nothing. SHUTUP kid. whatta kid....whatta 16 year old kid....from the bronx....ugh, i woulda hated her in high school. i hated ny kids in high school. they always thought they were better then us native marylanders.


anyway....left there, went to javaology. said my rounds of "hellos". i used to actually sleep, drink, eat, do everything at that spot. my visits have now my time spent in there is more precious. i love those guys!

went to little 5 points. got my swagger...cuz it was time to hustle. first spot...cherry bomb...shot me DOWN. no. unless ur work is going to be in some major okay, i will get at her in 6 months. maybe a year. went to see my man 100 grande, al.
"you are a pretty girl pam"
its weird. i only really get geeked from compliments on beauty when they come from either a gay man or woman. thanks al.
went to fusion...."damn girl, u wearin ur look, u GOTTA be confident with that hair".....okkkkayyyyyyy...dunno how to take that, but cool. long story short, i get clothes to pull if i model for her. whatever...just as long as i get the clothes.

kept it movin to the bazaar just to say hey to some folks. i love black women. sigh.....
long story short....networked for some potential collaborations on shoots, spoke with owner about pulling her clothes...FA SHO....anddddddd got an interested filmaker that needs a stylist for her short film.


went to milan's. went for a walk from tuner field to grant park. we spoke about this wonderful thing called the universe...and we were silent. my kinda walk. eb came home and cooked for us. we ate. watched runteldat. went to sleep.

got up, went to church. saw JT MONEY!!!!! justin. he kicked it with us after church. went to the patty hut, got some patties and platains. went to my aunties. came back to milans. did some work. kinda watched the vmas. people lacking humility, and just OVERLY prideful/boastful make me tired. i really enjoy that guy. like, really.

after hours of tossing and turning, my mind finally shut down.


fruitfly4 said...

wow, tatiana sounds like a chump. beautiful, fine, but still a chump. everyone from the tri-state does not act like that. but she's the one who needs ur expertise, so lead the fashionably blind, hunni, lead her! ;)

wild cowgirl said...

yeah....whatta chump. yea, i know she is just a bad representative...cuz ur from those parts and you kick ass!

MB said...

steady on the grind shawt, steady on the grind . . . you gotta come through pam! for real

fruitfly4 said...

thanks beans, of course i got that badu/ dead prez track in the brain now! i miss you guys! =+(