Saturday, August 27, 2005

boys boys boys....boys i do adore.....

today is a lost day. about once a month i go thru these lapses where i feel almost like a wanderer. yes i am making things happen. yes i am seein things into fruition. but my hopes and dreams i wish to make happen seem trivial.


i forced everyone to get out the house at 9pm. i knew that the place was gonna be packed, and yes we were on the list, but it was still first come first serve. and i figured that it was a pretty long list. messing with them meant that we didn't get out the house till 9:30. i'm working on my flexibility so i didn't complain too much. a little complaining is better than a lot.

after about 30 minutes of finding a parking spot, we made it to the club and walked right in.
no person at the door.
no huge crowd hovering near the entrance.
no hot breeze filled with smoke.

"man this party is poppin pam"

ok ok ok. so i messed up. just because everyone i knew was talking about ninth wonder didn't mean that all of atlanta was gonna be there. we sat down for a moment, and then decided that we would leave and return. we strolled down the street to insurrections. i am always entertained when we go into that store as a group. we walked around, looked at the sex toys, engaged in serious discussion about how outdated pornos are in there, how we should get paid doing 2005 pornos catering to every market (gay, lesbian, asian, transexual, straight, middle eastern....u know, everybody). we swiftly moved from section to section, as i picked up a whip milan spoke of how she can never get into bondage because her father has stamped a serious fear of spankings on her heart.

highlight of insurrections? standing at the cash register and speaking with milan who was standing on my left. i took a moment to glance back and check on my girls....only to see a woman in a see thru top and a thong standing to my immediate right. oh my. hello.
i never knew that place had strip shows upstairs.

we continued to stroll down the street to gladys knights chicken and waffles. upon our entering the threshold of the door all eyes were on us. they (milan, eb, and nia) were a bit done up to eat dinner. i myself, simply looked like a soccer mom. and i liked it. my goal before i left the house was to look like a soccer mom.

mission accomplished.
(not a wak one, but a cool soccer mom)

our waiter was a man that i KEEP meeting at random spots. everytime i see him i have to remember where we met before....wendys drive thru, urban outfitters, club, now gladys knights. he is such a cutie. and everytime i look at him, he stares at me. and i say "where do i know you from?" he says "ugh, u never remember." and i say "no i do, really i do, just remind me" and he says "which time? first time was wendys drive thru".

ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah! we laugh together. nice guy. school. he looked out for my friends at the table. i thanked him, told him "until next time" and proceeded on my way.

we returned to djangos only for me to be turned away. "mam u do not have your license and i cannot tell your age from a credit card"

dammit, i rushed everyone out the house only to be the mess up.

i told eb and nia to go in. milan and i walked down crackhead central to get in the back entrance. my man and his compradre at the back door were spittin game to me before i even got close to em. moms get it too.

"sir, i don't have my license, my friends are in there. i am a grown woman, i am on the list, please let me in...."

he smiles, and ushers me through the door. I LOVE U CARLOS!

we meet up with the girls, get a table, get a waitress, and get ready to....drumroll....SMOKE THE HOOKAH! while we were sitting there we are mingling and cracking jokes. the hookah is there, and good times are ready to roll.

why was the damn hookah broke? ugh this foresight of whats to come tonight?

every single one of us got individual love. i'm seeing people that i used to talk to....old friends....people i've worked with....and who is standing directly behind me? his name is eric.

that would be the original guy that took me skateboarding. we chatted it up. i told him how much i am improving. he asked where i had been, i returned the question. all this to say...yeah, we'll be skateboarding sometime this week.

i still can't get over how much love dudes were giving the soccer mom. this was a night where i picked an outfit to lay low....not so much to stand out. my girls stood out. i looked wholesome and matronly. it was crazy.


i turned, and there was mr. bell. jabari came.

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