Tuesday, August 30, 2005

the Mrs.

praise be to God from whom all blessings flow.

ladies and gentlemen...i would like to introduce you to mr. and mrs. broughton. the young girl went ahead and did the damn thing! fa sho! mannnn kids, i can't even express how proud i am of my sister. this journey up until this moment has not been a walk in the park. robin has really displayed serious patience. dude, its evident at this point that the first person she honored was God, and understood that she was to walk the path that She.He had already carved out for her. God is good, and She.He really does reward faithful servants.

how awesome it feels to know that God is proud that you did what you were supposed to do.

robin and david jumped the broom alone. no family. no friends. just some random white woman that conducted the actual ceremony. two years ago when she told me that she was going to elope i walked a thin line serving as her confidant. as the only informed family member, i encouraged her to follow her heart as well as to live in truth with no secrets. as contridicting as it sounded...she heard something in my words (and God's) because she did not get married then. two years ago i felt that she should include the family, because the fabulous 5 (dad, mom, shawn, robin, and i ) have a communal foundation and operate openly. or so i thought. as the younger sister i had to be at her wedding. i had to help plan and be in it.


two years later, it does so much justice for my heart to be genuinely happy for her and not even think about myself. that was stupid...it was HER wedding. it had nothing to do with me at all.

ok God...i am getting it, you don't have it scream it so loudly.

robin nicole shepard broughton. oh you know she is a PhD....has to keep whats her's...shepard.

sand in your toes...a massive body of water beside you....clear skies....my type of wedding.
st. thomas virgin islands...
she looks precious right? well i di help pick out her wedding dress...and had no idea. she had emailed me and asked me my opinion about these 3 styles of dresses. i chose that style because it most complimented her body shape.
u rock girl!
in SO many ways...you rock.

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