Thursday, August 04, 2005

this guy...

he sat at the bar with his back towards me...i did peep him as he watched me walk into slice and walk to my seat. i gave him the cordial head nod...and kept it moving. as i stared at his back, i thought that maybe he recognized me from somewhere...and began to attempt to remember when our paths has previously crossed. i came up with nothing. he kept looking back. i said nothing...not even to ebony, who i assumed had caught on to his uncomfortable glances by now.

"pam people really stare at u...that annoys me"...said robin. my look is loud, and i'm pretty used to it by now. don't phase me none.

his friend comes to join him at the bar, only to take on the ways of his man. they're both habitual sporadic glancers. at this point i am so over does annoy me when people continuously stare, but say nothing. speak dude.

he pays for this meal, stands up out of the bar stool, pulls a card out of his wallet...and becomes frozen. i sit here and stare at this man's back...he moves slowly, and write something on the card. stuck again. his friend playfully shoves him, and leaves.
OKAY sir...clearly...and i'm just watching your back and its still evident...ur interested.
i lean back on the booth and wait.
he turns my direction, glances at me again, grabs the card from the counter, and walks out the door.
guess i called that one wrong. eb continues to talk to my as i sit there and giggle to myself...."sometimes...just sometimes, its not about you at all pam". said myself.

we pay for our food and leave slice. as we walk out i see him standing with his friend outside. he runs up to me and says that he could not leave without introducing himself.

"this is my second time seeing you here, and i think you are absolutely beautiful...u intrigue me" yeah yeah always, ya got my attention.

he gently guides me out of the street back onto the sidewalk..and i realize that this is the first time that i've really looked into his face.
cutie. i must say that it is always kinda comical to me when preppy guys approach me. i'm not mad at it, because i openly welcome all men. men of color. preferably black...but its still funny to me nevertheless.

a week and a half later we kick it. he takes me to apres diem for dinner. he is an odd man. quite a character actually. he is one of these people that knows a lot about nothing. jeopardy champions. cool company though.

we walked over to piedmont to go skateboarding. i had WAY too much fun. i'm just learning, and he is like tony hawk himself. he taught me a lot, and i made a lot of progress in those two hours that we were out there. i felt like a true student, and he was actually an awesome teacher.

he asked what i had next on my agenda for the evening...and i told him that i had an article to write. GO PAM....its so easy for me to play always.

....he had surgery yesterday for an oversized prostate gland (random right)...hope he has a quick recovery cuz i wanna skate asap...

is that selfish?

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maybe a little but wow! go you