Monday, August 15, 2005

...just don't feel like it....

its crazy...i go thru these periods where blogging serves as my release...and then there are times when i don't even have the energy to begin writing a focused blog. i've felt that way for like a week now. don't even really feel like blogging today....

fell really bad skateboarding...haHA getting closer to the skateboard society
men are becoming more ridiculous by the second
atlanta's "artistic" circle is wayyyyyyyy too small...feel like i'm in high school again
i miss maryland
trying to scheme a way to buy this condo....oh man its great!
i miss both jabari and chico at an all time high...they're looking like gods when compared to who has been approaching me lately
went on a 13 hour photo shoot yesterday...the work was SICK
modeling for MAC on friday
going to NC this weekend
playing mom for ryan and stef this week

still don't like buatra
need to tell her i don't like buatra
grace is blowin me
i miss my mom
i need to get my car serviced
i need to start waitressing to cover car insurance...
in my mind, i suck as a waitress...need to get that out of my mind NOW
NOCHE tonight.....lets eat ladies
9th wonder is next week, i'm excited

right now, ur life is not about you pam.
continue to think of others.

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Alii said...

that blog was perfect- there isn't a 'right way' to blog. Its not being graded- its just what you make it.

Can u imagine if blogs got graded?

Have fun in the Carolinas