Tuesday, August 02, 2005

my star

we will potentially be different people in a year. that doesn't concern me because i know that we are constantly growing to be better people. although our time together thus far has been rather brief, it has been more fulfilling then some relationships that i have maintained for years. grace you are a star...for some odd reason stars always gravitate to me (smile).

i am so excited about what this year will bring! we will have so much to talk about...relationships, new found love, new passions, the moving of clouds, lessons learned, pictures taken, orginization of shoots, family updates, new stars we'll meet...all this to always share that new truth.....which we will do because we made a pact, well i made one for us.

i just reread the first line i wrote...scratch that...we need to be different people in a year.

again, i request graphic visual imagery! it will keep me alert and interested.

we will cherish. every single day...we will sacrifice. every single day....we will love. every single day....and we will appreciate. every single day. i foresee this is going to be a great year. hey, we should treat this as our new year. august 1.

the true challenge will lie in making it seem as though you've never left...and honostly, i don't think that will be hard. there was a time when i wanted our future paths to be the same...i had the same wish with karla...i've learned that they may not be the same, but we will be together.

i love u!

where is that picture from you ask? the night, the sea of people parted...art beats + lyrics.

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