Friday, July 01, 2005

done and over with

i would like to report that i am all moved out. my body is so angry with me and i am announcing that i will never again in life move by myself. that shit was a task. i stored everything at my auntie's and eMAC's house. i thought that i would be SO much more emotional about leaving 4th ward highland walk. i think that my body is too tired and limp to really care right now. my final night there i thought about how everything really does come full circle. my final night there reminded me of my first night there. no bed...laying on the floor....looking up out the window. i chose to sit there and attempt to remember all of the phenomenal times that i had in that space. i came up with many, and i'm sure that i forgot more. life is good!

the last being that i had to move out was charlie and her fish tank. oh charlie is experiencing what her mother is going thru. i had to move charlie to a small cup from her fly mansion of a wall tank. i figure that if charlie can hang with me during this transition...then we really were meant to be together.

my half cousin? (my uncle's child before marrying my aunt) is definitely tryna holla. dude....get outta here!

hmmm....i miss grace, karla, and dorthea. its so interesting how much of kindred spirits K and i are. we are always in different space going thru comparable situations. we both have shifted from living alone to living with family. God bless us K!

4th of july weekend. hheeeeyyyyy. MJQ tonight....on and poppin. why so you ask? oh only because CARMEN VALENCIA BROWER is crunk about being in attendance. ...not only does she want to go, but she wants to bring her posse with her. booyaw grandma. skies are changing or something.


Grace the Globe Trotter said...

yeah for carmen... that was a nice image.. you on the floor, looking out the window

MB said...

i just want to say I was very sad that you read the invitation for our bobby brown party and did not respond.

It made me very sad