Thursday, June 30, 2005

"pam....saying that you're gonna be homeless actually isn't funny at all....its a serious matter"

its 9:41 am. i have to be out of my apartment at 5:15. that requires me to move my mattress, box spring, dinette, tv, tv stand, KITCHEN!, and a million other odds and ends...random baskets of stuff, clothes, tools. grace told me...pam, get on ur packing now. and what did i do? ate, partied, interened, went to grandma's funeral...okay that was like sick pam humor.

at any rate it is 9:43am and i still ahve to move my mattress, box spring, dinette, tv, stand, KITCHEN...dude i am blogging. and i need to be moving. this is problematic. i need a uhaul or a budget truck. i prefer a budget truck with those funny images and hilarious sayings on them ive been calling. no one has a truck for me. woe is me! nah...not really. im cool.

what can i be doing right now?


i don't wanna.....

i was so mad the other day because i typed like a grad school thesis of a blog the other day and it did NOT go thru. woe is me! sike again.

okay at this point this is senseless banter....going to pack up the kitchen

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