Saturday, July 09, 2005

black mind

"what are you thinking about?"
pause..."...ummm nothing. my mind is black"
"nah stef, you're always thinking about something"
pause "not mind was black"

for about a month and a half i have been thinking about how my mind is never black. there is always something on my mind. but then i consider the idea of different ways of acheiving what a black mind has to offer...nothing. even though i know that my mind is constantly racing with fleeting thoughts and ideas, it is always a challenge for me to remember what was the focus of my thoughts. therefore, i have come to the conclusion that in my own way i have achieved black essence nothing. how ironic, a cluttered brain for me and a blank one for stef (who by the way turned 7 years old yesterday) are equivalent.

so then the question arises...when am i seriously thinking?

....forty some odd minutes later....

i can only come up with two times...
1. i am thinking when i am forced to focus--> dialogue/conversation
2. when i have or want to create something-->concept for a shoot, logo, article...whatever

how interesting. i seriously think when i am in exchange with someone or something else. ha!

it took me way too long to think about when i think.

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