Friday, June 24, 2005


i dunno what to blog about.
oh i do! a plan and goals coming soon.

well its soon.
short term goals:

1. get an apartment
(on st. charles...I LOVE IT....pursue the idea of maintaining the landlord's company website for rent deduction) booyaw grandma...thas gotta happen

2. acknowledge the fact that your lease is up in 6 days....PACK

3. seek help from all designers i know love and respect for guidance!

4. dedicate an ample amount of your freetime learning more and more design programs

5. at the internship....welcome humility and hard work. this needs to be your job!

okay...thats a start.

there is something absolutely special about atlanta ga. special in a rare and odd kinda way. TMC sponsored screen on the green in piedmont park last night. the movie featured? mommy dearest. as we were trying to find a place to set up shop....after all the lesbian couples tried so hard to get us to sit next to them...we eventually found space next to this beautiful trinidadian family. we set our belongings down....asked the family to keep an eye on our blanket and began to manuver (?) our way through the park. so many adorable black men...sharing the company of one another. sigh.

as we were walking i looked at the number of black male couples...and just took notice to the number to sister circles were there. women with their girls just kicken it. i dunno.

we walked...walked....walked. for some odd reason white girls were all in our faces. it was really weird. after the first chick, we didn't really think too much of it, but after the 11th, all we could do was giggle. after watching a copaera group in training...i wanted to try...we finally made it to the fiesta at willy's. mmmmm....tofu burritos. on our walk back we began to actually talk. outside of our giggles on the walk up, we weren't really talking.

"one thing i noticed about myself as we were walking up here is that i really clam up in hypersexualized spaces"

"well pam...we literally have to be in a gay person's heaven right now"

"true...but its crazy cuz basically everywhere we go is a straight person's heaven"

i thoughts are no longer cohesive. jumble jumble jumble. i'm sure it'll be revisited eventually. the time we made it back into the heart of the park an all out bash. the closer i got to the blanket, the more wire hangers i noticed being tossed in the air. it was weird.

we laid on our backs and just looked at the sky. it was pretty.

the movie began. damn that shit was funny! only piedmont park could make mommy dearest an all out comedy. too many people knew the script word for word. the croud erupted at
NO MORE WIRE HANGERS.....EVER!!!!!!! i then understood why so many chose to come with props.

as the night progressed...i got tired. i laid back to see the twinkling stars twinkle. how do they do that? as the movie came to an end, the crowd was captivated by the huge, red moon sitting to the right of the screen. last night was cool.

i have an article due!


Alleviation said...

Thanks Pammy... You always come through with exact words of wisdom and encouragement when I need to hear them!!!

Alleviation said...

Hey Pammy... where are the blogs? The Queen of Blogging is slipping... it must be a conspiracy (lol)!!!