Thursday, June 23, 2005

my life...

life is good. really good!

yesterday i came to work...and left.
went to an art exibit that featured the work of lalla essaydi. the exibit was entitled embodiments.

with the female body as her focus, lalla essaydi uses photgraphic banners, sound and film to investigate both personal and global perceptions of spatial and gender boundaries within islamic traditions.

it was one of my favorite exibits ever. the pictures were projected from inkjet printers on screens that hung from the ceilings. her film opened up with a quote that said there are 3 silences...the first of speech, the second of desire, and the third of thought.

then i went to dynamic metal lofts to interview owners of the stores. that area has really looked out for me and my photo shoots, so i chose to put them on blast in my first article. laced up, blue orchid, and bad rags. well...only laced up was available. those guys are so warm and welcoming towards me. such great people. monica had an emergency. and boogie ass blue orchid is only open by appointment mon-wed. at any rate...i spent a nice amount of time in laced up...took pictures...headed out, only to bump into adrene (she owns a store in east atlanta...she grabbed me and gave me a hug).

note to self...if you don't make this fashion thing happen...its YOUR fault pamela...cuz u know some folks.

so returned to work to gather my things and head out.

met up with joiya at the wind down wednesdays in centennial park. REGGAE fest. fun fun fun. free free free. i met my extended jamaican/puerto rican family. apparently i have aunties, a cousin thats tryna holla, and a godson. it was peace...i love black folks.
so we were definitely in the crunk section. was cool though.
we were not ready to get back in the was was such a nice night to stroll. so we did just that. walked from centennial park to five points. i hadn't been to the underground in a minute. met some random white kids. " guys are so new york. its great! i KNOW you guys are artists!". okay kids...simmer they were vocalists...joiya and i plan to attend their opera show on friday night.

note to self...thursday...peidmont park-mommy dearest/vantage studios. friday...opera. saturday...beach party (with my new jamaican/puerto rican fam), model call (3-5), paisley's fashion show. okay. cool.

so finally my boss calls me to tell me to come to the office for movie night. i call eb and tell her to meet me at my house.

1355 peachtree at 9:00 at night has such a different feel. we pretended that it was our home. we met the security gaurd who said i looked just like his daughter...his 42 year old daughter. geez. went to the 18th floor.

PARTAY! people. we went out on the balcony...and joiya and eb are so suddenly pleased at my not so lame direction for the night. dubelyoo was man 100 grande. he reported that he has a tshirt line coming out, and would love my help.
"oh dubelyoo...i would love to provide you with my help".
jabari was there "oh shit, u rockin blazers". hmmmm...what the hell is he talkin about? i smiled and nodded. and some other random rich coloreds.
we all set up shop in the conference room to watch team america. oh boi! i was exhausted by the time the movie was over. we said our goodbyes...exchanged cards...and bowed out gracefully.

i need a plan. goals even. coming soon.

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