Saturday, June 11, 2005

quarter inch rainbow

praise God from whom all blessings flow.
today was a good day.
woke up around 6 am being punished for the KFC that i conciously chose to ate the previous evening. according to my body, 6-8am were the most painful hours of the day.
took a shower. shawn, bridge, and the kids swarmed in the house. they quickly changed into their funeral gear. everyone looked really nice.

mom decided against riding with the processional from grandma's house and opted to just meet the family at the zebulon civic center. traffic was CRAZY...and my father was acting crazier. he gets so anxious irritates me. at any rate..we made it on time...a bit early actually.

met with the family. lined up....proceeded in. man. the service was beautiful. it was church. a celebratory service quite representative of grandma. a lot of the church family came from silver well as family members from my dad's side. it was special.

today was the first day i saw mom cry. like a child. it hurt. i t was so important to me that mom was pleased with the service...and she was. the final parting view was tough. grandma looked pretty. pretty in pink. all the children and grandchildren were genuinely touched, and that filled my heart.

we all laid flowers (36 total....9 children + 22 grandchildren) on her beautiful pearl casket trimmed with pink and green flowers.

and then we ate.....oh how i love black folks. big family meals do serve as healing.
the children played....brothers and sisters talked....neices updated one went on.

today was the first day we went outside our backyard to go on the golf green (so against the rules). we, robin, stef, and i. it was fun. on the walk home, i pointed out to everyone a teeny tiny rainbow that looked to be a quarter of an inch. for about 4 days now, i've seen clouds that look like they will produce rainbows...but haven't seen one.

today was a beautiful day.

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Alleviation said...

There is a lesson in ever struggle and a blessing in every lesson. You are able to find yours and that is apart of the beauties of life. You also have a way with words that allows others to use you as a voice of reasoning and learning in their own personal endeavors. Thank the Creator for that because that is indeed a special gift!!!