Wednesday, June 22, 2005


....a whole year later....these are the flow of our conversations...

queenpammy5: if i go to centennial...and u come...u can bring me some
queenpammy5: if that doesn't work out...then its ur fault...i did try to eat ur pasta

***where the plot thickens***

Sochira: i just love serving u pam
queenpammy5: lol
queenpammy5: shutup
Sochira: haha
Sochira: put that in your blog
Sochira: "jabari (not the guy from work) just loves serving me)\ queenpammy5: awww man, i'm really laughing
Sochira: pasta and salmon again?
Sochira: munch munch
Sochira: young i am blown
queenpammy5: enjoy ur food darlin
queenpammy5: why?
Sochira: aside
queenpammy5: uh huh
Sochira: this bama left the cabinets open
Sochira: again...
Sochira: munch munch
queenpammy5: damn that james
Sochira: (im acting like ur blog pam)
Sochira: so after i call this bama
queenpammy5: excuse me....don't u dare imply that i complained and ate
Sochira: and tell him about the moon
Sochira: munch munch
Sochira: he has the NERVE
Sochira: to make crabs
Sochira: and NOT INVITE ME
Sochira: well it was only one crab
Sochira: and i always complain about driving down there so... munch"
Sochira: hahah

in conclusion...

Sochira: hi pam
Sochira: pam
Sochira: you're an orange moon
Sochira: my orange moon
Sochira: hanging from the great heavens above

the end. and i do feel as though this is great representation of jabari...the original.

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Grace the Globe Trotter said...

this was simply weird... apparently this was not meant for the rest of the world to understand... and i am okay with that :)