Sunday, August 09, 2009

therapy...finding my delight.

i sat on my stoop to eat dinner.
a cat welcomed himself to join me.
at first i was angry at him and
told him to leave.
then he laid down.
so i then decided to not be angry,
and chose to be nice.
he sat at the bottom.
and i sat at the top.

he left.
and i tried to meditate.
well, actually, i had tried earlier, but my phone rang.
i was relieved + and answered it.
we hung up.
the had cat left.
so i tried again.

breathing is such a gift.
time moves when i get still.

i'm always proud of myself
when i take time to listen to myself.

i then came upstairs and did this.

i like it.


viridiansun said...

Thata Gahl! Way to channel that energy.

You need frames

Rosalba Inés said...

i like it too...

teresa said...

i'm not surprised, city-dwellers (esp of the northeast) know the goodness and magic of the stoop. ;+)