Wednesday, March 18, 2009

why is this so hard...

is this a purposeful business card? or more of a psuedo-art teaser?

i cannot seem to commit.

and i am asking the world for help.

please help.

i don't even know if this is effective.

whether or not i am trying too hard.


it makes sense to me.

the company is p.s.

and is my site.

simple. right?

granted, it lacks my title: stylist

+ my direct contact: number + email

BUT...all of that information is on the site.

should i assume that one would want to see

my work first?..which will require them to

view the site.

BUT what if they have already seen my work...and

just want to have a quick contact card for my info

on hand.


i live for mystery...(but i also need paychecks).


according to monique business cards are "very 90's"

and they will be obsolete in no time at all.


dey said...

I think it would be useful to put "stylist" somewhere on the card as a reminder. If the person you give it to doesn't call you right away they might look at it in a month and go, "who is this?"

shayla said...

i like what you sent me with the number and title... still discreet but clear

SweetHeart said...

the newest thing to use is the sms business card. someone simply text your name/business to a certain number ...

i.e. text Pam to 8400 and any information you want to come up will. it saves trees..less stressful..and it's free!:)

pricelessrock said...

I love it! It's fun, shows your creativity, and (if its possession preceded by a conversation about your work) is memorable!

Don't know if I agree about business cards being obsolete... maybe it depends on the field? I rely heavily on business cards!

fruitfly4 said...

(tho i am not well versed in the production of business cards) would you consider putting any additional information on the back, so as not to compromise the existing design?

The Urbane Epicurean said...

Business cards will never be obselete. They convey the right amount of professionalism and personal brand, and frankly serve as a good reminder for people after a few drinks (we've all made a great business contact out at a bar). Having a physical momento maintains a truly physical presence in that persons life, even when you arent there.

I like the style, give me some info somewhere on there and we are good to go

Style Noir said...

I'm late.

It's perfect.