Sunday, March 15, 2009

i'm at about hour 3,453

my self awareness is at an all time high.
i literally can feel my when insides shift, and after
taking a quiet moment, i can pinpoint
the source of my mood change. in that
next second, i actively choose whether or not to sink
deeper into my oncoming spirit, or to dead
the disturbed uprising.

i am proud of this consciousness.


self sabotage is real.
and fear is so powerful
that its best to not believe
in it. just make it a
myth. singlehandedly, fear
slows down my movement.

on two different days this week, i had the thought
"i don't want to be a stylist. its too much."

the responsibility is too huge and
the expectations are too daunting.

the thought was fleeting, but surprising

i see it. i see where this is going.
and i am thankful for my sight.

tonight someone posed the question
"how does one tap into their potential"
i immediately thought .."you try"
and then you try again.
and then you try better.
and then you try.
and then you try again.
and then you try better.

and then there comes a point where trying
transforms into doing. you are no longer
attempting but properly executing.

trials elevate into commitment.

for me to become a great stylist, malcolm
gladwell says that i have to dedicate 6,547
more hours of work. i'll do anything malcolm tells
me to do.

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fruitfly4 said...

roughdraftwow - for your post and that awesome commercial.
it reminds that advertising can still be impactful,
and that words - the right words - have power.
so thank you for that, and for keeping this blog as a testament to what it looks like to follow a dream.
here's to fire and not flash.