Monday, November 03, 2008

i feel sick.

georgia lost my absentee ballot.
...i really want to blow something up.

like, forreal.

i told my sister that tomorrow, for the rest of my life i will lie.
i will tell my grand children how early in the morning i got up to vote.
how i was the very first person in line.
how i prayed and gave thanks to my ancestors for that very moment prior
to submitting my ballot.
and how i cried as i exited the threshold of the voting site.

i will lie.


i hate this system.

like, forreal.


viridiansun said...

it sucks but, honey, if yours got "lost" just before the vote, there are going to be thousands more who get "lost" during the vote.

Prayer and good energy is powerful. Use what you have.

p.s. Barack lost his grandma (i.e. mom pt 2) today. :(

acole said...

Sorry to hear that!
I swear America is really disgusting sometimes.

shayla said...

oh lady... that's the worst! well i literally just got mine today b/c they said they never received my request for one initially... nice huh... needless to say... i def. overnighted that ish

::fingers crossed the US postal system doesn't f-up::

so sad about g-ma... i have this feeling tho... that when a window is closed a door is opened... lets hope this was just a foreshadowing of tomorrows events..

i have faith

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