Thursday, October 30, 2008

precious gifts.

teetering. tottering.
teetering. tottering.
teetering. tottering.

the ground is moving. and
surpisingly this thunderous rumble
feels natural. comfortable even. pebbles,
soil, clay, water, layers of rocks...they've all
learned the same choreography and now dance
together as one. i am immediately honored
by their invitation to join in with
this moment of movement.

...i know what to do.

its quick. stacatto. syncopated. its easy.
the more i stand still, the easier my
body moves. no effort involved. the earth
is carrying me. ordering my steps.

i move good.

with my arms lifted, out by my sides, i feeel like i'm
surfing. coasting along with the fluidity of the
earth's tremors. i am here. 100% present and in sync
with God almighty's rhythm.

stop sound.
so i hear nothing.
i say "no" to sound. its too much of a distraction
during this sacred sway. my vision has
sharpened and i have opted to be deaf.
i made a choice and i prefer it this way.
no voodoo curse or unwarranted affliction.
just a conscious decision.

i feel.
i feel.
i feel.
i feel connected.

i truly feel this conversation...its all very clear. the
discussion bounces between my limbs and the land.
its physical...something about this is holy.
and it no longer hurts; my muscles have relaxed.

they now trust my being.


i have no fear of what is to come.
i can feel that the ground is preparing to break
a smile (potentially a wide, gap-toothed smile)
directly beneath my feet.

i am feeling.

i open my eyes and look down.
my body has formed a perfect upside-down "t".
my legs have stretched wide open as the ground
continues to seperate.

somthing is to come out of this.
...out of me.

something good.
something God.

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