Monday, March 03, 2008

virgin ears.

(a serious conversation)
everyone tonight denounced marriage.

she nows wants to explore being a lesbian.
he is convinced that he never wants to have another girlfriend.
and he (at 25) sleeps in the living room while his wife sleeps in the bedroom...divorce is quickly approaching.

her parents forced revenge upon one another by sleeping with other people.

he looks forward to being single again and fucking bitches when he gets horny.
the less words the better.

and he knows that after this run he will never marry again.

she believes that every man cheats. especially married ones.
her theory is that a man falls in love with a woman. doesn't want anyone
else fucking her. proposes. enjoys having her around. has total in house pussy.
fucks other bitches when he wants to feel something new, but always comes back to her.

he knows that he can never live with another person. he has been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, and it makes him insane when she disrupts his perfect
way of doing things. he likes the idea of having his own apartment...and having his wife next door in her own apartment...with their kids.

he has been tired of the sex. as an immigrant, she came to nyc as a student.
they fell in love...hard. they got married and had a happy two year run.
year three she started to become more of a nag, slammed too many doors, and
always made it a point to stomp her feet around the apt. now its year four
and they don't even exchange words. he just wants his money for
making her a citizen.

she wants to be admired and to invest her time and energy into someone committed to her.
he wants to eliminate all intimacy out of his life.
he wants to launch his business without any of his wife's opinions.

no one believed that my parents have been married for 37 years.
i said that they had.
no one believed that my father had not cheated on my mother.
they all agreed that both of my parents had cheated on one another.

(....i'm not on my period, and i became amazingly emotional.)
and my eyes began to water and my voice started to shake

she says "pam, i've never seen it done before. every married person
i know cheats...and when it gets unbearable they get a divorce"

he says "marriage is stupid...its too much. asking way too much. if you love someone...just live with them. but why scream 'forever'?"

he says "you're cute. i know dudes that will wife you up, just because they
would want you as their number one. you'll probably get
just won't be you and only you. perhaps you and mostly you."

maybe i'm just retarded.
...i think i am retarded.

its 2008, instant gratification is everything.
a quick process.
and achieving preferred results.
....and then moving onto the next thing.

digital ...everything. career treks. overnight success. fresh direct. spray tans.
and iPHONES...that are like the remote control for life.
and now love.
digital love.
"restart. refresh. reboot"


tk said...

ahhh! after reading this i IMMEDIATELY reached for the phone to call you, but i don't have your number in my new phone... i think that people like you and i (and the others out there) have to fight such cynicism. my parents will have been married for 30 years in july... and they don't always like each other, but they have a genuine respect and love for each other that i, with only 24 years in the world, can't quite comprehend. i'm not going to judge your friends, but a lot of those stories reflect the lack of respect, communication, and commitment that so many people have in their relationships ... that and the need to be constantly entertained. maybe such a relationship is rare, but that doesn't make it impossible...

fruitfly4 said...

well, i'm glad they cleared that up for all of us helpless, hopeless romantics and love laborers out there. i don't know what i was thinking! (is the sarcasm oozing through your screen right now? bubbling up on your keyboard? good.)

i wonder, how successful could we (millenlials, american) be at love and relationships if we spent more energy on the journey and less on locating the nearest exit?

Shayla said...

wha? maybe i live in a world of ideals but i think that's fine.

yeah, my parents got divorced when i was 8 yrs old but my father didn't want to do it and my mother regrets it... yes, people move on

i believe you pam- 37 yr old love is possible.. and can definitly get better with time- bravo to your parents

i'm gonna find me some 50+ yr old love one day and so are you

misswhite said...

clearly i have joined the cast of cynics.

this was one of the hardest posts to read...because...i wanted to agree with you, but their logic sounded more realistic =(

more often than not, forever has turned into 5 years for our generation.

n.harlem said...

your words are awesome. and your exiting line was spectacular.