Tuesday, February 26, 2008

there is a barbershop under my building.
two of the three barbers try to get at me everyday.
one of them has successfully befriended one of my roommates.
they are such good friends that he randomly dropped his son off around 8pm.
he cried at the door for a solid ten minutes.
i sat on the floor and spoke to him.
he continued to cry.
i offered my watercolors and pastels.
he continued to cry.
after about ten more minutes, he peeped his head into my doorway.
he let me take off his elmo bookbag and his jacket.
we sat on the floor.
i showed him the pastels.
the water for the paintbrushes.
and the paper we were to use.
he didn't talk much.
he sat on one end of my sketchbook...and i on the other.
he came over to my end...and began to paint on my side.
he then dumped the pastels into the water.
i laughed it off...
told him it was wrong...
and showed him the home of the pastels...their box.
he reached for the water...
and i moved it from his reach.
he threw my pastels across the living room.
i stared at him.
he picked up my boot.
and threw it.
he flung a pillow.
he then jumped on top of the remote control.

i packed up my supplies.
told him to chill out...
and let him have his space.
this little boy flared up into a giant.
his body became tense
and he stomped around the house
declaring what was his.
he screamed at my roommate to shutup.
he kicked whatever was in his way.

he was the incredible hulk.
i lifted his little body.
and sat him on the couch.
he kicked the air and screamed
that he wanted his father.

i went into my room.
when i came back out.
i asked for a hug.
he stood in front of me
and stared at my knees.
i bent down
flung his arms around my shoulders
and squeezed his small body.
i pulled him back
looked into his face
and he wouldn't meet my eyes.

"i think he is bipolar"
says my roommate.

he's pretty normal to me.

i too wanted some attention tonight


The Urbane Epicurean said...

That video was powerful (sans Mary J).

I cant understand why more parents wouldnt ache to be great at their job if their payment, bonus and retirement plan is a smile like that!

Shayla said...

a friend of mine asked me about you

i described you as 'walking love'

this is a fine display of exactly what i mean