Wednesday, March 26, 2008

sincere warmth

he sat on the corner of broome and wooster.
the black trash bags filled with newspaper created
a protective fort around him. if i had to
guess...he was vietnamese. although he
was extremely brown...kind of
like a filipino. maybe he just seems
like someone that lived through a war...
i thinks that's why i choose vietnamese.
he looks dirty. he is dirty.
he sat with his back up against
a fence...pulled papers out of the
trash bags, page by page...and stuffed
the reading back into the bags once
he was done. his movements were
graceful and quick, much like a cat.
he even licked his hands and wrists.
i wondered if human's mouths are
clean the way dogs are. when the
sun moved and shadows fell over his
body, he picked up his portable fort,
and moved with the sun. children didn't
seem to be threatened. many of them
would walk by him very slowly, studying
his every move. he did not see
any of them...

...he only saw the pigeons that he fed.

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