Monday, February 18, 2008

nashville, tn

this weekend jesus took my hand.
i shuttered because it had been a while since we had touched.

we walked along mountainous terrain.

up and down.
up and down.
up and down.

i arrived overdressed, so he encouraged me to shed layers.
i did, and i felt lighter.
...a lot less heated.

he made it a point to keep our fingers interlocked.
even in moments when i felt smothered, and wanted
to slip my hand out of his, he kept me close.
by saturday morning i was done trying to pull away.

...and my head was perfectly clear:

i was granted grace. again.
singing robins woke me up each morning.
none of nina's words were misunderstood.
i sat with a past lover and remembered why i loved him.
elders screamed the urgency for my work.

everyday jesus sat me in front of beautiful bay windows
and encouraged me to look at all of my life.

i left with this

for the first time ever...i actually held my dreams.
how special.


misswhite said...

just beautiful.


viridiansun said...

held your dreams...

fruitfly4 said...

oh my. oh wow. amazing, sis. really. just. so. beautiful.

Shayla said...

I love everything about it. when are you going to write a book