Wednesday, January 30, 2008

quit. moving.

its like my heart found a new home.
in a ziploc that is sealed tightly.
and she can't breathe...she constantly gasps for air.

but there isn't any.
no air anywhere.

she quickly learned this new place very well...
but she just can't commit to one particular space.
she fidgets too much.

she scoots left, and becomes nostalgic.
down a bit...enraged.
if she shifts to the right, optimism takes over.

but if she sits still, she is relieved.

...and then she moves again.
she is suffocating.

this is just now.
just now.


Shayla said...

so it's the middle of the day- a work day and i'm coming to your page to read a post for therapy.

i'm sorry i can't return the favor. but thank you.

viridiansun said...

heart in a ziplock...sheesh...some intense imagery there pumpkin.