Thursday, January 31, 2008

alone with company.

so i left work.
juan and i walked out together.
we headed down wooster, about to
make a right on grand.

the surrounding area outside
of deitch gallery had turned
into a mini times square.

droves of stagnant people.
camera flashes.
bright spotlights.
standstill walking traffic.
the only difference is that
everyone here looked petite,
european, and immaculately

juan wasn't
he broke right, and i proceeded
to jump in line to push
my way into the gallery.
(get inspired)
i did.

the exhibit is filled with
images that force words to
surface. with each
picture side by side...
sentences are made.

the re-occuring idea
is that messages/stories
are everywhere.
kitchen tables...tshirts...
silly putty...wherever.

i like his thoughts.

layering has been a concept
that i can't shake.
after tonight...i will
revisit it again.


i knew that we had met
before...and i thought
that her name was amanda.
she was meeting with a man,
and i chose not to interrupt.
i ordered my
situated at the table...pulled
out my book and ipod...prayed...
and prepared to eat my food.

i saw him put on his hat.
after glancing at her body
language, i could tell that their
conversation was coming to an end.
i leaned over and tapped her...

"hey...we met at powerhouse
this summer. i remember you were
from maryland. you're a photographer...
i don't recall your name"

"i DO remember you. i took a picture
of you...i'm amanda."

i was i didn't guess.
well...i didn't want to disturb you guys,
just wanted to say 'hello'"

she smiled.
i put my headphone back in my right ear.
in my peripheral i could see his legs
walking out of the door.
i glanced up just in time to see her
chair move closer to mine.
i took my headphones off altogether.

"mind if i join you?"
..."nope. please do"

its funny.
i remember her very clearly from our first time
meeting. she doesn't too much recall
me. she was high that night.

we backtracked, and conducted our
introductory conversation all over again.
she is really personable...i like her.
i didn't mind hearing her story again.
...its a good one.
she asked for my website.
i told her i didn't have one. again.
she asked for me info.
i gave it to her. again.

"amanda...we did this already.
we've emailed one've seen my
stuff...i've seen yours"


" was a long day. i had
a million meetings. you're randomly
the 5th chick i've met from spelman
TODAY. its just a crazy day."

i laughed.
..kinda random response.
but funny nonetheless.

i rose to hug michaela and express
my excitement for the sister circle
on saturday.

i told her.
"i knew that i was gonna see you.
i'm powerful like that"
(because i am)

she smiled.

i returned.
i told amanda where i was headed
to next, and that
she was more than welcome to
come along.

we left together.


about a year ago i spotted
him at a reggae. apparently
he had done the same. he extended
his hand offering me to dance with
him. i happily accepted.
we danced.
we talked.
we exchanged info.
he hesitantly confessed that he had "a lady"
i was quietly irritated.
he looked sheepish.
he called me to inform me about his parties.
i kept the convo at a minimum...and never had contact with him again.

....until tonight.

so amanda and i are pretty much best friends by this point.
she came with me to a ridiculous screening...and she
knew pretty much everyone in the space.

i was being introduced to her friends like we had history
(which we kind of do...but only i remember it).
this STUNNING woman embraces amanda and sits down at the table with us.
she feels sweet.
she catches up on old news with amanda...while steadily
trying to keep me abreast so i didn't feel left out.

amanda asks
"where is your fiance tonight?"

beauty breaks out in laughter
"girl i haven't seen you in a minute. i am MARRIED!"

involuntarily i slap beauty a high five, and congratulate her.
she explains to amanda that after traveling to senegal, and
seeing their relationship from another perspective...she was
clear that this man was her husband, and there was no need
to wait any longer.

beauty GLOWED.
i was genuinely happy for this complete stranger.

amanda says
"okayyyyy....i wasn't ready for that. where is he?"

beauty responds
"girl...standing right there"
she catches his eye and motions for him to
to come over to our table.

it was him.
that guy.
from that night.

he did not notice me in the least.
he could not take his eyes off of his wife.
he smiled and stared at her as she spoke.
he was proud. and in love.

i know for a fact that man did not remember me.

so....we met.

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