Sunday, November 11, 2007

this place.

if i wake up and i'm surrounded by sunflowers....i just might feel better.
this is a clue that i will survive today.
i love it when i turn my head to the left.
i am then staring at these rows and rows of calming green stalk.
green heals.
primary green.
no matter how i may shift or move, everything obediently
grows around me.
my being here doesn't inconvenience anyone or anything.
they prefer that i'm here.
and i am be chosen as someone's preference encourages me to live.

so i come here to lay.
yellow. brown. black. and green.
primary green.
the blue sky serves as the perfect canvas for
my sunflowers to lay against.

the wet, bug infested soil that i press against doesn't even bother me.
it's all odd...i know.
but i need all of this to breathe.

breathing is a choice.
this place helps me to make my decision.

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viridiansun said...

girl you better quit talking about when you be sleeping with me!