Tuesday, November 13, 2007

square sanctuary.

dreams come true in my bedroom. my creme colored walls adorned with white
spackle remind me of the beauty that lives in imperfection.
pastel, sheer, vintage gowns hang from my closet door.
the exact uniform of my guardian angels.
three window panes extend about three quarters the length of the wall.
and when i look outside my window i can see the half narrow world.

i have yet to purchase a chandelier. i figure that when i
do, light will bounce into every crevice and corner.

"the secret lives of men and women", uniqlo edition 3, metropop,
pop art post-its, pens, karla's congratulations card,
magnetic strip, dusty green mirror, used
matches, lady guadalupe, empty wine bottle/flower vase, unopened nano,
girbaud visuals, incense dust, flat iron (new member), paige sabrina,
holy bible, manni the mannequin, rainboots, iron pills,
clinique bag, and the shiny silver introspective and
magically exposing spotlight.

all of these participants cooperatively sit in my windowsill.

my closet is filled to capacity, but my brain is not.
so just is case i wish to match the two,
i have a couple of over-sized hat boxes that store my books.
...i should open my hat boxes more often.

my platform bed takes up about 65% of my floor space.
which is fine, its the one clearly defined space in this
overstocked cube. with it pushed against my glasses
for the outside world, i wake up to the sun each and
every sunny day.

a baby pink crenalyn skirt (tu-tu) serves as wall art.
it hangs high.

shoes paint seeds purses makeup needles binder clips
safety pins notebooks magazines barrettes and cds
are the glitter that make this small sanctuary sparkle.

a cubicle has never looked or felt so good.

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fruitfly4 said...

well how about that! now i feel like i've visited in your home. thank you.