Thursday, September 06, 2007

neon is to sex as purple is to love.

its not so much the color purple,
but more like that color purple.
this purple is special!

it demands a smile on my face. looking at it makes
me hungry...i can taste it when i see it. the energy
becomes electric, my senses are engaged.

george clinton worships this purple.
it becomes absolute sin when dropped into a black backdrop.
catherine malandrino agrees...she used the colorway in
her new fall/winter collection.

perhaps times have changed...but no crayola
box i ever owned (and i went up to 164) hosted it.

i always know it when i see it...i feel better...
and soon after, see better. i'm not so sure if
its been captured by food dye.
..maybe fruity pebbles have a matte version.

if it is satin, you may get aroused.
rayon...all out dirty.
it really is how i imagine good sex...

just like prince and appollonia.


fruitfly4 said...

so who immediately googled "catherine malandrino fall colletion"? (i'm raising my hand.) i may be one of the only black girls i know who doesn't think she can do purple quite right. but after a description like that? dammit i'll try!

it's funny you should say "mom" because when i called a homegirl with news about the house, and said, "i have good news..." she immediately thought i was prego. when i told her no, but we have a house. she goes, "well, name that then." she's fool, but i love her.

fruitfly4 said...

bought me a purple top this weekend! (oh yeah! i rocks it now!) =)