Monday, September 10, 2007

i just slapped the hell out of Confused...

she stays wearin those same rainbow colored overalls with elephant gray shoes.
she can't pick a color, so she wears them all.
and her feet are literally stuck in neutral.
its a sad thing to watch...
so she got slapped.

i decided that its up to me to get her moving.
us being so close and all.
so i gave her some physical contact.
slapping is more effective than a push or a shove.

it sends the message that you're serious.
and i am.


fruitfly4 said...

i think i met Confused's cousin, Indesicive. she was harassing me last week while i tried to choose paint colors. (such a heifer.)

viridiansun said...

well me and Procrastination are getting along just fine... I love him strong!

fruitfly4 said...

viridian, i found this quote that seems to suit you two:

"If you put things off till the last minute,
they only take a minute to do."

(not being an enabler or anything, but that's funny!)