Wednesday, September 26, 2007

love, tabby cat.

i'm a partially blind, overindulgent, tabby cat.

i should be agile and flexible...
but seeing that i just recently lost my sight...
i'm severely disoriented, and forced
to navigate around everything that jumps into my path., its not like this chair in this bedroom just
fell out the sky...its been there for years.
but since i've lost my sight, again,it takes
a moment for me to readjust.
oh yes yes, i remember now...two steps
forward, two steps back... doesn't take long for my mind to
recall how to get around.
...with me being blind and all...again.

i eat whatever makes itself available.
i prefer food from the table.
it is what i like best.
but if there is no table food...
i'll scrounge up crumbs from the floor.
...i have to survive somehow...

but when the table food is there...i eat.
i eat a lot.
i eat until i make myself sick.
i always end up sick.

my bedroom has bright white
walls with fluorescent lights.
the light beams run the length of the ceiling.
i can sense when the light switch is on,
i sweat and shut my eyes tightly.
even though the heat is a bit uncomfortable,
it's still pleasurable.

.... i cry silently when the lights are turned off altogether.

i sometimes wonder if i stop eating the table food will i see better?
will i move quicker?

...perhaps i can just remember how i got fat exactly i got stuck in this bedroom altogether?

its good to know how this happened...when this happened...
it'd be nice if i could see myself getting out of this bedroom.

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