Friday, August 31, 2007

she couldn't get over the "tightness" of it. she
was always amused whenever i washed it...begging me
to let her watch it dry.
...what am i? hottentot by way of the black hair follicle?

i am a black girl with nappy hair. i really do try
to wash my hair when she isn't around...
but more often than not, she is lingering...
i think she pays attention to when flakes start to
its so weird...somehow her odd behavior is making
me not feel normal.

but i am normal. dammit. i work a normal job
with normal folks, where we take normal hour
long lunches, and make it a point to complain
normally. why is she so captivated?
bi-monthly, i anticipate two hours of annoyance.

"wait...its drying too quick. re-wet it"
..."so its always been this way?"
"its crazy...this really is two different
heads of hair in a matter of minutes"

we were cool.
we are cool!
real cool!
together we wish demise on all patriarchy...
smoke blunts and eat cheesecake....
joke about how we were going to explore being lesbians
with one another...
we even knew each other's bank account info, depositing
funds whenever the other is in need.

she understands my thoughts, and i take the time
to listen to hers. i genuinely care.
her rhythm is different, but i knew that she
enjoys moving her limbs. she is free...
always. and i know that she is supposed to
be...always. i appreciate her for who she
is, and who i want to be.

i love her. i love her hard.
...we are sisters.
but somehow she always makes me feel like
an attraction when it comes time to wet my hair...

i've come to loathe what it takes to accomplish
a clean scalp.

i don't trip when her long yellow stringy
strands are everywhere in my apartment.
i'm used to cleaning up stuff that is out of biggie for me.

she is my pusher.
she does her job and does it well.
i am always being escalated and elevated.
she takes me to higher levels...

i love and admire her so much that its okay
that i hate her only twice a month.
i figure that's pretty normal.

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fruitfly4 said...

lol! i love it! that was so funny and heartwarming! i think the hair thing will always draw [up] that kind of attention. she seems sweet, your yellow-haired friend. and you, my friend, are a writer.