Monday, July 30, 2007

today this clicked.

phenomenal writing.

Spelman, thy name we praise
Standards and honor raise
We’ll ever faithful be
Throughout eternity
May peace with thee abide
And God forever guide
Thy heights supreme and true
Blessings to you.

Through years of toil and pain
May thy dear walls remain
Beacons of heavenly light
Undaunted by the fight;
And when life’s race is won
Thy noble work is done
Oh, God forever bind
Our hearts to thine.

two years out, and i will still have fleeting moments that make me miss it all.
i couldn't stop humming this all day.


fruitfly4 said...

i have those moments too, and i wonder about the current spelmanites - are they getting the most out of their experience? is their self-confidence growing exponentially every day? do they love it as i do?

tk said...

OMG, u have those moments too!? thought it was just me...